K-Tech Specialty Coatings is the leading manufacturer of asphalt preservation and winter de-icing products. 

Eco-friendly Asphalt and Ice Control

K-Tech Specialty Coatings, LLC, formed in 2008, has new manufacturing operations in Ashley, IN. K-Tech manufactures cutting-edge eco-friendly products for asphalt preservation and winter pavement de-icing. K-Tech’s asphalt products are a proven alternative to costly pavement replacement. The asphalt products penetrate the older asphalts, becoming part of the surface and binding, sealing and protecting the asphalt from ultra violet degradation. K-Tech’s anti- and de-icing products include a wide palate of products that include rock salt, salt/sand blends, and sodium and calcium brines that reduce the cost of ice control. All of the ice control products are enhanced through the use of BEET HEET®, a patented ecological, organic ice control accelerator. K-Tech also produces a superior bonding, rapid setting, trackless tack which can be used for base sealing and prime coat and provides waterproofing properties. With AE-NT trackless tack, you can tack today, and pave today or tomorrow with less traffic control.